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Blood Bound was founded in late 2011. It features members out of formerly well known bands, such as 'Ex- ortation', 'Die by Design' and 'Framestand', 'Disparaged'. After 6 months of songwriting and puzzling each member in its perfect position, Blood Bound played the first ever live show as support of 'Requiem'. After that show and with the immensely good feedback, strings were pulled and the band got invited to support 'Sepultura' on their Baltic Tour in March 2012, together with 'Hatesphere' and 'Sawthis'. The Tour was a huge success for the band and brought a lot of experience and progress. Shortly after returning, the whole Blood Bound-Crew showed up at 'Assburnstudios' to record a Demo/EP consisting of 3 songs together with Mighty Ralph ('Disparaged'). In June 2012 "Flawless Victory" got released on 'Swimming With Sharks Records', 'Heavy Metal, Compilation III'. 5.000 copies were handed out at shows throughout the US (headlined by 'Fear Factory') and partly in Europe with the help of our Friends in 'The Browning'. There was also a free download of the Compilation available that hit 6.000 downloads within a week. During 2012 Blood Bound played several shows in Switzerland and kept working on new Material for their first Full Length Album. In February 2013 the EP "Flawless Victory" got officially released with a big show at Mascotte in Zurich. The release party was a success and Guests, Media and Fans were pleased. Then the next Bomb hit. In March, Promoters called and asked if Blood Bound would like to be support-act for "in flames" on their Russian Minitour. St.Petersburg and Moscow were huge shows, People reacted extremely well and made it an unforgettable experience for the Band. Touring also kicks crativity and gives a lot of new Imputs and experience. With this package of energy, Bloodbound is now at ashburnstudios doing Pre-productions for their Debut. Promoters for England and Germany are found, and shows are in planning on both Western Europe and Eastern Europe for the upcomming Months. Stay tuned and in touch for more infos.


"Flawless Victory"/Demo EP/2013

1.Flawless Victory (listen)

2.Struggle in Vain (listen)

3.This Anger (listen)

• Music & lyrics written & arranged, by Blood Bound
• Recorded,Mixed and Mastered on March/May 2012 by Ralph Beier at 'AshBurn Studios' (CH)
• Cover and Artwork by
• Band pictures by Marcel Bruderer

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Facebook: Alex Azzali

Skype: alexalphaomega, Tel:+39 32 76 17 49 28